Printer Applicator Machine
PAM 2300
Printer Applicator Machine
PAM 2300
Printing and applying system PAM 2300
The PAM 2300 system is designed especially for the fully automatic print and apply applications in the industrial area. The system can be installed in positions and locations to suit your process. The electrical and mechanical interfaces are compatible to PAM 2000 systems. Characters, bar codes and graphics are printed with excellent quality at high speed using a high performance printhead. Labels are printed, dispensed and applied with high accuracy . By using the SPI-interface all applicators can be controlled in an easy and comprehensively.

BRADY as a supplier of printing and applying systems offers high quality and a complete service to its customers. Labels and ribbons in many different dimensions and materials. Please contact BRADY for further details.

Technical Data

Printing principle Thermal transfer printing
Printing head Flat Head
Resolution: 300 dpi
Printing speed: 100-200 mm/s
Printing width: 106.6 mm

Intelligent printing head control
The printing head is generally lifted up from the printing roller and is only pulled down during the printing procedure. Therefore, damages of the printing roller and adhesive bleed will be minimised.

Character Fonts
5 bitmapfonts incl. OCR-A, OCR-B
3 vectorfonts and speedo- and true-type fonts are integrated.

Character sets
Windows 1252/1250, IBM Codepage 850/852, EBDIC, ISO 8859-1, ISO 8859-8, Macintosh. All european and latin special characters are available.

Character size
Vector fonts: Width can be scaled up between 0.9 an 128 mm
Bitmap fonts: Height and width 1-3 mm can be scaled up to factor 10.

Character format
Bold, italics, underline, outline, inverse, grey (depending on the different fonts)

Print direction
Bitmap fonts and bar codes: 0°, 90°, 180°, 270°
Speedo and Truetype fonts can be turned into any angle. Texts can be printed in circular form. Labels can be printed mirror-inverted.

Graphic elements
Line, box, circle, eclipse, filling elements, arrows

Graphic format PCX, IMG, BMP, TIF, GIF, MAC

Bar codes
CODE 39, CODE 93 Interleaved 2/5
CODE 128 A, B, C Ident- und Leitcode
Codabar der Deutschen Post AG
EAN 8, 13, 128 Jan 8, 13
EAN/UPC Anhang 2 Plessey
EAN/UPC Anhang 5 Postnet
HIBC UPS Maxicode
2-D Barcodes Data Matrix, PDF 417
Height, width and ratio of all bar codes can be scaled. If necessary all bar codes can be printed with checksum or start/stop code

Serial 8-bit: RS-232 C1.200 - 57.600 Baud/s
RS-422 1.200 - 57.600 Baud/s
RS-485 1.200 - 57.600 Baud/s
Parallel: Centronics

Interface for periphery
SPI-interface for applicators. Power supply for sensor "end of ribbon","end of labels" and indicator light.

When switching on the system the controller runs a self-test. All system parameters can be printed out. Error messages are indicated on the display.

Process materials / Labels
Thermal paper, standard paper
Synthetic foil in:: PE, PP, PVC, PA, HTR, Kapton, Polyimide
Min/Max grams of labels: 60-160 gr/m 2
Max width of liner: up to 120 mm
Min/Max width of label: 10-116 mm
MinMax height of label: 4-546 mm
Core diameter: 76 mm
Max. diameter of label suppling roll: up to 200 mm
Labels can be rewinded inside or outside.

Length: 450 m
600 mm on inquiry
Width: up to 110 mm
Core diameter: 25 mm
Outer diameter of roll: up to 92 mm
Ink inside or outside

Data processor 32 Bit, Motorola

Memory 2 MByte

PCMCIA-port for PC-Card 2, 4 MByte

Label Pull-back
To make sure, that the print is starts from a defined distance from the front edge of the label, it is possible to pull the next label back after an executed printing job and to restart automatic positioning. To avoid any damage to the ribbon and abrasion between label and ribbon the printing head is lifted up while moving.

Label saver
Before switching off or after switching on, the label material can be pulled back. Therefore, any loss of labels will be avoided.

Ribbon saver
The ribbon saver is active up to an unprinted label length of 12 mm. The ribbon is saved by locking the supply roll and lifting up the printing head.

Internal rewinder
For rewinding the liner after dispensing the labels.
Core diameter: 40 mm
Diameter of roll: up to 145 mm

Control of labels and ribbon
End of ribbon, end of labels and the position of the printing head is controlled continiously. Any error stops the machine and is indicated on the display.

Label sensor
The positioning is made by evaluation of reflection or transparence of the label/liner material.

Further features
Time and date can be generated by the CPU-clock and can be printed out. The actual printing job is indicated on the display.

Operation Panel
4 keys with LED's and illuminated LCD with 2x16 characters. All reports can be indicated in 8 different languages. The operation panel can be turned into steps of 90°.

Dimension H x W x D
390x277x420 mm

Weight 21 kg

Power supply 230V~/115V~ 50 - 60 Hz

Operation temperature
The printer operates in a range of temperature between 10-3?°C and a humidity between 10-35%


Memory cards
PCMCIA cards up to 4 Mbyte

Keyboard interface
To connect PC-compatible keyboard for stand-alone operation.

Twinax/Coax socket to connect to Host-PLC

Applying sytems
Please send us your enquiry. Our specialists are ready to advise you on your application.

There are two different sensors available which are indicating "end of ribbon" and "end of labels".

Indicator light
The messages "end of label" and "end of ribbon" are indicated by an indicator light.